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Leapster L-Max Learning Game System
Consumer Electronics

The Leapster L-Max is the next-generation Leapster game system. It provides full backwards compatibility with previous Leapster cartridges and features a new TV display subsystem. New L-Max cartridges allow for dual-screen gaming and learning.

Base2 designed and wrote the new TV subsystem device driver. We worked very closely with the electrical engineers to The Turbo Extreme Handheld is the latest in the line of TurboTwist products. Turbo Extreme offers content in several subjects including spelling, math, science, and social studies. It features some built-in content for most grade school children. It also features one cartridge each for Grades 1 through 4.

Base2 implemented the spelling game which used either the built-in questions or the questions provided on a cartridge. We worked closely with the game producers to make sure that the game was consistent and met all of their requirements.


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