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Internet Resources

The internet has all kinds of information of interest for embedded systems designers. Here are some of the sites that we've found most helpful. If you have any suggestions or if you would like to be included in this list of URLs, please contact us.

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Microcontrollers and DSPs
Software Tools
Hardware Tools

Microcontrollers and DSPs


Supplies x86-compatible embedded processors.

Analog Devices

Producers of various models of DSPs including the popular Blackfin. Also makes the MicroConverter® family of analog microcontrollers using 8052 and ARM7 cores.


32-bit SoC cores.
ARM This the UK site for ARM 32-bit cores. This site features full documentation on all of the latest ARM cores along with documentation for software tools.
Atmel Atmel has a very large variety of microcontrollers including 4-, 8-, and 32-bit MCUs and a dual-core 32-bit floating-point DSP. 4-bit MARC4 MCU, 8-bit 8051-compatible family, 8-bit low-power AVR family, and AT91 family with ARM7 core.
Cirrus Logic ARM7- and ARM9-based microcontrollers with networking and audio codec support.
Cypress Semiconductor 8-bit PSoC microcontrollers with customizable digital and analog blocks.
Dallas Semiconductor 8051-compatible and secure 8-bit microcontrollers. 16-bit MAXQ low-power RISC MCUs. (Now part of Maxim Integrated Products)
Freescale Semiconductor Formerly Motorola Semiconductor, Freescale offers a wide array of 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microprocessors, microcontrollers, and DSPs.
Infineon 8-bit 8051-based C500 family, 16-bit C166 family, 32-bit TriCore family.
Intel 8051 and XScale MCUs.
Maxim Integrated Products 8051-compatible and secure 8-bit microcontrollers. 16-bit MAXQ low-power RISC MCUs.
Microchip Ultra low-power PIC micros. They've got 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontrollers with a great selection of peripherals.
MIPS Technologies 32- and 64-bit microprocessor cores. See website for current list of licensees.
National Semiconductor 8- and 16-bit general purpose microcontrollers.
NXP Semiconductor Very large selection of 8051-based derivatives, 16-bit XA family (8051 upgrade path), and 32-bit ARM-based microcontrollers. (Formerly Philips Semiconductor)
Renesas Technology Renesas was formed in 2003 combining Hitachi Semiconductor and Mitsubishi Electric. H8 8/16-bit microcontrollers. SuperH 32-bit RISC microcontrollers.
Samsung Semiconductor 4-, 8-, and 32-bit microcontrollers. LCD controllers, Flash memories, and much much more.
Texas Instruments Lots and lots of DSPs. Anything up to 8000 MIPS and up to 1350 MFLOPS. They also have a nice selection of MCUs including the 16-bit MSP430 series, 32-bit C2000 series, and their ARM-based product lines.
Zilog Home of the Z8, Z80, and now DSP solutions.

Software Tools

Accelerated Technology

Makers of the the code|lab EDE and debugger. Also makes Nucleus RTOS.

ARM, Ltd.

Advanced RISC Machines makes one of the most popular MCU cores available today. They make the RealView Development Suite which supports all ARM cores including the new Cortex.

Green Hills Software

They offer complete toolchains, RTOSs, and very good processor support.

Hi-Tech Software

They make a compiler, IDE, and debugger for popular 8-bit micros, PIC, Z80, and more.

IAR Systems

Compilers, debuggers, and other software development tools.

Keil Software

Compilers and debuggers for 8051, 251, and C16X/ST10.


Great IDE and toolchain. Support for Motorola, MIPS, STMicroelectronics, and more.


Software development toolchains for embedded micros and DSPs.

Wind River Systems

Tornado development environment and VxWorks RTOS.

Hardware Tools


ROM emulators and debuggers.


JTAG emulators for ARM, MIPS, and more.

Lauterbach GmbH

Amazing list of supported microprocessors including 8-, 16-, 32-, and 64-bit, and DSPs.

Macraigor Systems

JTAG and BDM interfaces for lots of CPUs and debuggers. Includes the incredibly affordable Wiggler for $150.


Supports lots of 8051 variants. Also C16X/ST10, 68HC11, 68HC12, 80C196, and more.

Segger Microcontroller GmbH

JTAG emulator for ARM7/9 cores. This works great with a variety of toolchains including ADS, RealView, IAR, and more.



The IEEE working group for wireless LANs.


American National Standards Institute. You can order ANSI docs from here.


Automotive and industrial serial communications protocol.


Inter-IC bus by Philips. Popular inter-chip serial communications bus.
I2S Inter-IC Sound bus by Philips. Popular serial format for hardware CODECs.

T10 Technical Committee

SCSI standards and discussions.


You can get information about USB, the USB standards, and purchase the USB specs.


It's always good to know talented people, and these are some of the best. Give them a call, and let them know we sent you!

Carl Angotti

Project Management, Systems and Circuit Design Services for Electronic Product Development.

Ron Bader

Board and System Level Electronics Design
Signal Integrity Modeling and Simulation.
Brian A. Berg SCSI, Fibre Channel, Storage Area Networks, Optical Storage, Expert Witness.

Professional and Technical Consultants Association


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