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January 2002

SimpleDevices Ships Wireless Streaming MP3 Player
The Cirrus Logic EP7312 32-bit Microcontroller
Programmers' Corner - Loop Optimization
Background on Base2
Febuary 2002 Base2 Services
Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco 2002
Dallas DS87C550 8-bit Microcontroller
Choosing a Microcontroller
March 2002 Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco
New Base2 Website
Infineon C166 16-bit Microcontroller Family
Programmer's Corner - Declaring Variables
April 2002 New Format
Base2 Services
ARM Gains Further Industry Acceptance
May 2002 Rapid Embedded Software Development
Base2 Specialties
Philips LPC Microcontrollers
June 2002

Hardware CODECs
Base2, Digital Audio, and You
Programmer's Corner - Linear Interpolation

July 2002

Base2 and Medical Devices
Flash Memory
Motorola ColdFire MCF5249

August 2002

Base2 Services
The Ubiquitous 8051

September 2002

Interrupt-Driven or Polled I/O?
Base2 Specialties
Microchip PIC16F72

October 2002

Tell Us What You Think!
NEW! The Motorola Nitron HC08 Q-Family
Base2 Embedded Solutions
Real Real-Time


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