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Digital Audio Player

The Audible MobilePlayer is a hand-held audio playback device capable of storing and playing over 8 hours of spoken audio. Base2 was in charge of the entire software development effort including overall system design, security scheme, software design, and system integration. Base2 was instrumental in finding and fixing hardware problems by using oscilloscopes and logic analyzers and by providing test software.

One of the most unique features of the Mobile Player is the audio-only user interface. This product does not have a visual display of any kind, so user feedback was necessarily audio only. The firmware was designed so that the audio feedback was fully customizable which made the product easily localized to any country or language.


· over 8 hours of spoken audio
· audio formats: Audible proprietary and RealAudio
· integration of DSA and SHA security algorithms
· unique audio-only user interface
· software controlled power management
· downloadable plug-ins for additional audio formats
· proprietary file format for data storage
· proprietary serial communications protocol
· automatic baud rate negotiation with host PC


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