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Motorola SimpleFi
Digital Audio Player

Originally developed at SimpleDevices, the SimpleFi plays streamed MP3 content through your home PC via a HomeRF wireless network. Base2 provided the firmware expertise to an extremely talented product development team which brought the prototype SimpleFi and two other products to Comdex 2000 Las Vegas in less than 3 months of development time.

Base2 worked very closely with the hardware and PC software development teams. Together we overcame numerous technical and non-trivial hurdles. The result is an internet appliance that needs little or no user configuration, and meets all of the design goals.


· streams MP3 over HomeRF
· plays all MP3 bitrates up to 320 kbps
· infrared remote control
· graphical LCD
· upgradable firmware
· stereo RCA jacks
· headphone jack with menu-driven volume control


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